This country is made up of about 8 millions people and has 47 recognized ethnic groups divided into a 160 subgroups and tribes , of these groups , the ethnic Lao people make up the majority and little over half of the population Next are the hill tribes of the Khmu , the Hmong and the rest are numerous other tribes as well as an incredibly small commutiny of Europeans mostly French in origin !

Laos is landlocked in Sourtheast Asia bordered by all the other mainland Peninsular Indochina nations as well as China to the North. The country is divided into 17 provinces and one prefecture , Kampheng Nakhon which includes the capital Vientiane or Vieng-Chan.

The largest cities after the capital are Pakse in the South and Suwannakhet , a bit further north. and here’s is the best place to visit if you are bicyclists, kayakers and bikers, too.

Laos located in the hot humid jungle zone of the Annamite Mouatin Range to the Southeast of Asia fed by the mighty MaeKhong River , the longest river in the country. The tallest peak is Phu Bia in the central part of country , nearby Vientiane.

The main international gateway to Laos is Luang Prabang, the quite and smaill town located in the north of Laos and as no one visits Laos for the first time without soaking up the essence of this city. Most visit in Laos , Bor kaew where you would have chance to see Black-cheeked gibbon

Vientaine :  Patuxai victory monument , Pha That Luang

Vang Vieng : Blue Lagoon, Tham Phu Kham Cave , GongLor Cave , Orange

Luangprabang : The cradle of Lao culture, a sacred, royal and haunting city. bridge

Some of our destinations : Ban Baw village, specializing in rice alcohol , You will learn how to make local rice alcohol in a family factory. Pakhou Caves, the most precious religious symbols of Luang Prabang Province. The entrance is stuck in a vertical cliff in the middle of a lush jungle.

For food , most of the population works in agriculture and Lao food is quite spicy but delicious which similar to other regions around. The national dish , Larb , Papaya Salad , Bamboo shoot soup or Khao Lam , which is sticky rice made in bamboo pipe !

And many more waiting for you to visit !