bordered by Thailand to the west , Laos to the north and Vietnam to the east , and the bay of Thailand to the South. The country is divided into 25 provinces and the capital is Phanom Penh – formerly named Chaktomuk , this is also where the royal family lives. Cambodia has over 80 main islands that they have sovereignty over , most of which are close to the coast , easily accessible ,  

Things to do : Cursing and boating , Eco Tourism and temples visit.
Cambodia has about 15 and a half million people , the vast majority around 90% are ethnically Khmer , about 5% are Vietnamese and 1 % Chinese and the remainder come from various people groups.

The country is generally characterized as having a low-lying and central plain with hilly and light mountainous regions in the southwest and especiall yin the obrder by Vietnam. In this country , rivers are everywhere and the good thing is the food is mostly fresh and organic.

Our destinations : Ta Prohm. Enjoy magical moments in this temple that has been left, in part, in the state of nature. Here, the stone and the roots of century-old cheese makers intertwine.

The landmark that pops up in to everybody’s mind is Angkor Wat, the ancient ruins of Khmer empire. The town nearby , Sieam Riep thathas an international Airport. You may discovery of Angkor Thom, a rampart with an outer moat to protect its city from invaders.

The Bayon presents at first glance a mess of blackened stones and an entanglement of some fifty turns with faces.

Forgotten temples, lost in the middle of the Jungle.

Discovery of the Koh Ker site, 84 temples erected in the forest, including Prasat Kraham and Prasat Thum.

Treasure hunt in Beng Mealea, where still remains the charm that could feel the first explorers so well staged in the film 2 brothers Jean-Jacques Annaud.

You will explore the immensity of this site, off the beaten path … An original way of immersing yourself in Khmer culture.